Oracle Fusion HCM New Features


Oracle Fusion HCM New Features

Oracle frequently releases updates to its Fusion HCM suite, introducing new features and enhancements to improve the functionality and user experience. Since my information might be outdated, I recommend checking Oracle’s official documentation, release notes, or contacting Oracle support for the most up-to-date information on new features in Oracle Fusion HCM. However, I can provide you with a general idea of the types of enhancements Oracle tends to introduce in their updates:

  1. User Experience Enhancements:
    • Oracle often focuses on improving the user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
    • Enhanced navigation and streamlined workflows can lead to a better overall user experience.
  1. Mobile Apps and Accessibility:
    • Oracle Fusion HCM tends to introduce mobile apps or updates to existing apps, enabling users to access HCM functions on the go.
    • Accessibility features may also be enhanced to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
  1. AI and Analytics Integration:
    • Oracle continues to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics capabilities into its HCM suite.
    • Predictive analytics can help in areas such as workforce planning, talent management, and employee engagement.
  1. Employee Self-Service Improvements:
    • Oracle often introduces features that empower employees to manage their own data, request time off, access pay slips, and participate in performance evaluations.
  1. Manager Self-Service Enhancements:
    • Tools for managers to review and approve various HR processes, such as compensation changes, promotions, and recruitment.
  1. Talent Management and Learning:
    • Enhancements to modules like performance management, learning management, and succession planning to better support talent development and career growth.
  1. Integration with Other Systems:
    • Improved integration with other Oracle Cloud modules and third-party systems to ensure seamless data flow and comprehensive insights.
  1. Localization and Compliance Updates:
    • New features may address region-specific legal requirements and regulatory changes.
  1. Workforce Planning and Analytics:
    • Features related to workforce planning, organizational modeling, and data analytics for strategic decision-making.
  1. Security and Data Privacy:
    • Enhancements to data security and privacy features to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Remember that Oracle’s Fusion HCM updates are released periodically, and each update may include a combination of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. To get the most accurate and current information about new features in Oracle Fusion HCM, refer to Oracle’s official documentation, release notes, and announcements.

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