Oracle Fusion HCM Reports


Oracle Fusion HCM Reports

In Oracle Fusion HCM, reports play a crucial role in analyzing and presenting HR-related data to facilitate decision-making and compliance. Oracle Fusion HCM provides a range of reporting capabilities that allow you to create, customize, and generate various types of reports. Here’s an overview of Oracle Fusion HCM reports:

  1. Report Types: Oracle Fusion HCM supports various types of reports, including operational reports, analytical reports, statutory reports, and ad-hoc reports.
  2. Prebuilt Reports: Oracle Fusion HCM comes with a library of prebuilt reports that cover common HR tasks, such as employee data, compensation, benefits, performance, and more.
  3. Custom Reports: You can create custom reports tailored to your organization’s specific needs using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) or other reporting tools. These reports can include charts, tables, graphs, and more.
  4. Report Delivery: Reports can be delivered through various channels, such as email, print, online access, or integration with other systems.
  5. Report Scheduling: You can schedule reports to be generated and delivered at specific intervals, automating the reporting process.
  6. Data Security: Reports adhere to data security and access control, ensuring that users only see the data they have permission to access.
  7. Data Visualization: Oracle Fusion HCM reporting tools allow you to visualize data using graphical representations, making it easier to identify trends and patterns.
  8. Ad Hoc Querying: Some reporting tools provide ad hoc query capabilities, allowing users to create on-the-fly reports by querying the database directly.
  9. Standard and Custom Templates: Reports can be generated using standard templates provided by Oracle, or you can create custom templates to match your organization’s branding and requirements.
  10. Audit and Compliance Reports: Oracle Fusion HCM includes reports that help with compliance and auditing requirements, ensuring data accuracy and regulatory adherence.
  11. Data Extraction: Reporting tools allow you to extract data from different modules within Oracle Fusion HCM to analyze and consolidate information.
  12. Integration with Other Modules: Reports can be integrated with other modules like performance management, payroll, and benefits to provide comprehensive insights.

Remember that the reporting capabilities and tools in Oracle Fusion HCM can vary based on your organization’s specific configuration and version. It’s recommended to refer to the official Oracle documentation or consult with your organization’s Oracle Fusion HCM administrators for detailed guidance on creating and managing reports.



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