Oracle Fusion HCM Standard Reports


Oracle Fusion HCM Standard Reports

Oracle Fusion HCM offers a variety of standard reports that cover different aspects of human capital management. These reports are designed to provide insights into various HR processes, employee data, and organizational metrics. Keep in mind that the availability of specific reports can vary based on your organization’s configuration and the version of Oracle Fusion HCM you are using. Here are some examples of standard reports commonly found in Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Workforce Reports:
    • Employee Directory: Lists all employees with their contact information, job details, and location.
    • Headcount Report: Provides a summary of employee headcount by department, location, or other criteria.
    • Turnover Analysis: Shows turnover rates and reasons for employee exits.
  1. Compensation and Benefits Reports:
    • Compensation Summary: Displays compensation details for employees, including salary, allowances, and bonuses.
    • Benefits Enrollment: Lists employees’ benefit elections and coverage.
    • Total Rewards Statement: Summarizes the total compensation and benefits package for employees.
  1. Performance and Talent Reports:
    • Performance Review Summary: Summarizes the results of employee performance reviews.
    • Succession Planning: Provides insights into potential successors for key roles.
    • Training and Development: Lists employee training history, certifications, and development plans.
  1. Recruitment and Onboarding Reports:
    • Job Openings Report: Lists open positions, their status, and hiring progress.
    • New Hire Orientation: Summarizes the onboarding progress of new hires.
  1. Time and Attendance Reports:
    • Timesheet Summary: Shows employee timesheet data, hours worked, and leave balances.
    • Attendance Analysis: Provides insights into attendance trends and patterns.
  1. HR Analytics and Dashboards:
    • Dashboard Overview: Provides a visual summary of key HR metrics and trends.
    • Custom Analytics: Allows you to create custom dashboards and reports based on specific metrics and KPIs.
  1. Compliance and Regulatory Reports:
    • EEOC Compliance Report: Demonstrates adherence to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations.
    • OSHA Incident Report: Summarizes workplace safety incidents and compliance.
  1. Global HR and Payroll Reports:
    • Payroll Register: Lists employee payroll details, earnings, deductions, and taxes.
    • Global Headcount Report: Provides a breakdown of employees by country or region.

These are just a few examples of the standard reports available in Oracle Fusion HCM. Depending on your organization’s needs and the modules you have implemented, you may have access to additional reports tailored to specific HR processes and requirements. To access and generate these reports, navigate to the reporting or analytics section of your Oracle Fusion HCM system, and explore the available report categories and templates.

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