Oracle Fusion HCM Support


Oracle Fusion HCM Support

Oracle Fusion HCM support refers to the assistance, resources, and services provided by Oracle to organizations using Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) to ensure the proper functioning, maintenance, and optimization of their HCM system. Oracle offers various support options to help organizations address issues, receive updates, and maximize the value of their investment in Oracle Fusion HCM. Here’s an overview of Oracle Fusion HCM support:

  1. Oracle Support Services: Oracle provides a range of support services that cater to different levels of needs and requirements. These services are designed to help organizations resolve technical issues, receive updates, and access resources.
  2. Support Levels: Oracle offers different support levels, including Standard, Premier, and Advanced Support. Each level provides varying degrees of assistance and access to services.
  3. Online Support: Organizations can access Oracle’s online support portal to log and manage service requests (tickets), search for solutions in the knowledge base, and collaborate with Oracle support representatives.
  4. Service Requests: Organizations can submit service requests (tickets) for technical issues they encounter. Oracle support representatives work to resolve these issues or provide guidance.
  5. Knowledge Base: Oracle’s knowledge base contains a wealth of information, including troubleshooting guides, best practices, documentation, and solutions to common issues.
  6. Software Updates: Organizations with active support contracts receive access to software updates, patches, and fixes that address bugs and improve system stability.
  7. Certification Information: Oracle provides information about certified configurations, operating systems, browsers, and other prerequisites for running Oracle Fusion HCM.
  8. Guided Resolution: Some support portals offer guided resolution, which helps users troubleshoot and resolve issues step by step.
  9. Community Forums: Oracle hosts online community forums where users can collaborate, ask questions, and share insights with other Oracle Fusion HCM users and experts.
  10. Proactive Services: Depending on the support level, Oracle might offer proactive services such as health checks, assessments, and reviews to optimize system performance and security.
  11. Training Resources: Oracle provides training materials, tutorials, and user guides to help organizations effectively use Oracle Fusion HCM.
  12. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Depending on the chosen support level, Oracle outlines SLAs that specify response times and resolution targets for service requests.
  13. Upgrades and Migration: Oracle support can assist organizations with planning and executing system upgrades or migrations to new versions of Oracle Fusion HCM.

It’s important to note that the support services provided by Oracle may vary based on the organization’s subscription level, contract terms, and the version of Oracle Fusion HCM in use. Organizations are encouraged to review their support contracts and consult Oracle’s official support documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the available support services.

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