Oracle Fusion HCM Table Names


Oracle Fusion HCM Table Names

Oracle Fusion HCM’s underlying database contains numerous tables that store data related to various HR processes, employee information, organizational structures, compensation details, and more. These tables are used to manage and maintain the information within the Oracle Fusion HCM application. However, please note that Oracle’s database schema and table names might change between versions and updates.

Here are some examples of common table names you might find in Oracle Fusion HCM’s database schema:

  1. PER_PEOPLE: Stores basic information about individuals in the organization, such as names, contact information, and identification numbers.
  2. PER_ASSIGNMENTS: Contains data related to job assignments, positions, and employment details for each person.
  3. PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F: A comprehensive table that includes historical and current data about individuals in the organization.
  4. PER_JOBS: Holds information about job roles and definitions within the organization.
  5. PER_JOB_DEFINITIONS: Contains details about job roles, job descriptions, and job attributes.
  6. FUSION_PAY_ROLLS: Stores payroll-related data, including payment details, earning and deduction information, and tax-related data.
  7. FUSION_PAY_REL_PAYROLLS: Stores payroll relationship data, including employee assignments and payroll information.
  8. FUSION_COMPENSATION_HISTORY: Contains historical compensation data for employees.
  9. PER_PERIODS_OF_SERVICE: Stores information about an individual’s periods of service within the organization, including start and end dates.
  10. FUSION_ASSIGNMENT_PAYROLL: Holds assignment-specific payroll information.
  11. FUSION_PERSON_NAME: Stores name-related information for individuals.
  12. PER_GRADES: Contains data about job grades and grade definitions.

These are just a few examples, and Oracle Fusion HCM’s database schema includes many more tables to cover various aspects of HR management. Keep in mind that specific table names and structures can vary based on the version of Oracle Fusion HCM you’re using and how it has been customized for your organization.

For accurate and up-to-date information on table names and database structure, refer to Oracle’s official documentation or consult with your organization’s Oracle Fusion HCM administrator or technical support team.

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