Oracle Fusion HCM Tables


Oracle Fusion HCM Tables

Oracle Fusion HCM uses a wide range of database tables to store various types of information related to human capital management processes. These tables capture employee data, organizational structures, compensation details, performance records, and much more. Here are some key categories of tables within Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Person Management Tables:
    • PER_PERSON_NAMES_F: Stores basic personal information about individuals.
    • PER_PERSON_TYPES: Defines different types of people (e.g., employees, contingent workers).
    • PER_PEOPLE_F: Contains additional details about individuals, such as contact information and employment status.
  1. Workforce Management Tables:
    • PER_ASSIGNMENT_STATUS_TYPES: Defines various assignment statuses (e.g., active, terminated).
    • PER_PERIODS_OF_SERVICE: Stores information about an individual’s periods of service within the organization.
    • PER_ASSIGNMENTS_F: Contains assignment-related details, such as job, position, and location.
  1. Compensation Management Tables:
    • PAY_PAYROLL_REL_GROUPS: Defines payroll relationships and groups.
    • PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRIES_F: Stores information about compensation elements associated with an individual’s pay.
    • PAY_RUN_RESULTS: Contains payroll results, including earnings and deductions.
  1. Performance Management Tables:
    • PER_PERFORMANCE_RATINGS: Stores performance ratings and associated details.
    • PER_OBJECTIVES: Contains performance objectives and goals for employees.
    • PER_PERFORMANCE_DOCUMENTS: Stores performance documents and reviews.
  1. Talent Management Tables:
    • PER_GOAL_DEFINITIONS: Stores predefined goal definitions for talent management.
    • PER_GOAL_LADDERS: Contains goal ladder information to track progress.
    • PER_CAREER_PLAN_STEPS: Stores steps within a career development plan.
  1. Organizational Management Tables:
    • HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS: Contains details about organizational units and their hierarchies.
    • HR_LOCATIONS: Stores information about physical locations where employees work.
  1. Training and Learning Management Tables:
    • TLE_OFFERING_ATTENDANCES: Stores attendance and completion details for training offerings.
    • TLE_ENROLLMENTS: Contains enrollment information for training courses.
  1. Recruitment Management Tables:
    • PER_JOB_OPENINGS: Stores job openings and associated information.
    • PER_RECRUITMENT_AGENCY_CONTACTS: Contains contact details of recruitment agencies.
  1. Benefits Management Tables:
    • BEN_OPTIONS: Stores available benefits options.
    • BEN_PARTICIPANTS: Contains information about participants in benefits programs.
  1. Security and Access Control Tables:
    • FND_USER: Stores user information, including usernames and email addresses.
    • FND_USER_RESP_GROUPS: Links users to roles and responsibilities.

These are just a selection of tables within Oracle Fusion HCM. The application uses numerous other tables to manage different aspects of HR processes and data. Understanding these tables and their relationships is crucial for efficient data management and reporting within Oracle Fusion HCM.

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