Oracle Fusion SCM Course


Oracle Fusion SCM Course

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a cloud-based solution that incorporates elements of supply chain processes, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning, logistics, and procurement. Taking a course in Oracle Fusion SCM can help you manage, understand, and utilize this software to its fullest potential.

Here’s an example curriculum for an Oracle Fusion SCM course:

  1. Introduction to Oracle Fusion SCM:

    • Understanding the Fusion SCM and its components
    • Explanation of the Oracle Fusion SCM architecture
    • Differentiate between Oracle Fusion SCM and other SCM solutions
  2. Understanding the Oracle Fusion SCM Applications

    • Oracle Fusion Inventory
    • Oracle Fusion Cost Management
    • Oracle Fusion Order Orchestration
    • Oracle Fusion Product Master Data Management
  3. Oracle Fusion Inventory and Cost Management

    • Define and manage inventory organizations
    • Manage items and inventory
    • Overview of cost management
    • Cost planning, controlling, and analysis
  4. Oracle Fusion Order Orchestration

    • Overview of Order Orchestration
    • Configuration of Order Orchestration
    • Processing and fulfilling orders
  5. Oracle Fusion Product Master Data Management

    • Defining item class and items
    • Item attributes and status
    • Manage catalog and categories
  6. Oracle Fusion Procurement

    • Understanding the Procurement process
    • Setting up and managing suppliers
    • Supplier negotiation and contracts
    • Purchasing and self-service procurement
  7. Oracle Fusion Logistics

    • Understanding logistics fundamentals
    • Set up and management of shipping and receiving
    • Managing transportation
  8. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Planning

    • Understanding the planning process
    • Demand management and Sales and Operations planning
    • Supply planning
  9. Security and Reporting in Oracle Fusion SCM

    • Roles and security in Oracle Fusion SCM
    • Reporting and analytics in Oracle Fusion SCM
  10. Hands-on Practice

  • Real-world scenarios or projects for better understanding

Demo Day 1 Video:

You can find more information about Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud in this Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud



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