Oracle Fusion SCM Functional


Oracle Fusion SCM Functional

Oracle Fusion SCM (Supply Chain Management) is a module of the larger Oracle Fusion Applications, a suite of applications designed to perform a range of business functions. The Oracle Fusion SCM module focuses on integrating and managing the flow of products and information through the supply chain.

The Oracle Fusion SCM application suite includes modules for:

  1. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): This helps manage the lifecycle of a product from idea generation to retirement, covering processes such as design, manufacturing, and service.

  2. Inventory Management: This helps to maintain optimal inventory levels, track inventory transactions, and ensure there is no over or understocking.

  3. Order Management: This module enables order capturing, order promising, order orchestration, and full lifecycle management.

  4. Logistics: This module helps manage and optimize the physical flow of goods within the supply chain.

  5. Procurement: This module helps in procurement processes such as sourcing, supplier contract management, procurement, purchasing, and analysis.

  6. Supply Chain Planning: This helps in demand forecasting, production scheduling, inventory optimization, and supply chain resilience.

A functional consultant specializing in Oracle Fusion SCM is expected to understand these business processes and translate them into the system. They typically have roles in system design, configuration, testing, training, and support during the implementation of Oracle Fusion SCM.

Key responsibilities of an Oracle Fusion SCM functional consultant may include:

  1. Understanding and translating client needs into system requirements.
  2. Configuring the Oracle Fusion SCM system to meet these requirements.
  3. Leading or participating in the system testing process.
  4. Training the end users on how to use the system effectively.
  5. Supporting the system after go-live, including troubleshooting and fixing issues.

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