Oracle Fusion SCM Used For


Oracle Fusion SCM Used For

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a module or suite of applications that is part of Oracle’s Fusion Applications, which are designed to manage complex global businesses. Oracle Fusion SCM is designed to help companies make their supply chains more efficient and effective.

Here’s what it is used for:

  1. Product Lifecycle Management: Oracle Fusion SCM supports the entire product lifecycle from idea to retirement, allowing companies to manage the full lifecycle of a product in an efficient and systematic way.

  2. Supply Chain Planning: With Oracle Fusion SCM, companies can make accurate forecasts, plan supply and demand, and monitor supply chain activities in real-time. It helps businesses to make better planning decisions, reducing the chance of inventory shortages or excess.

  3. Procurement: Oracle Fusion SCM provides tools for sourcing, contract management, purchasing, and supplier management. It helps in enhancing procurement processes, reducing costs, and improving supplier relationships.

  4. Order and Service Management: This system facilitates the process of capturing orders and orchestrating them through the supply chain until delivery. It also handles customer service requests and after-sales services.

  5. Manufacturing: Oracle Fusion SCM offers solutions for discrete, process, and lean manufacturing. It supports the entire manufacturing process, including production scheduling, material management, cost management, and more.

  6. Logistics and Fulfillment: The module provides solutions for transportation management, global trade management, and warehouse management. It helps in improving logistics efficiency and ensuring compliance with international trade regulations.

  7. Maintenance: Oracle Fusion SCM also supports asset and maintenance management. It helps businesses to manage and track the maintenance of their equipment and assets, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

  8. Product Master Data Management: This system provides a single source of truth for product information, making it easy to manage and update product data across different systems and departments.

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