Oracle Integration Cloud API Gateway


Oracle Integration Cloud API  Gateway

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides native support for integrating with Oracle API Gateway (OAG), which is a component of Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (APIPCS). Oracle API Gateway acts as a secure entry point for APIs, providing features like authentication, authorization, throttling, rate limiting, and policy enforcement.

Here’s a high-level overview of how Oracle Integration Cloud can be integrated with Oracle API Gateway:

  1. Create Integrations in Oracle Integration Cloud: Develop your integrations using Oracle Integration Cloud, which allows you to connect various applications, services, and systems seamlessly.

  2. Define APIs: Define the APIs that you want to expose to external consumers or partner systems. You can define APIs in Oracle Integration Cloud, and they can be backed by your integrations.

  3. Configure API Gateway: In Oracle API Gateway, configure the APIs to map them to the corresponding endpoints in Oracle Integration Cloud. This step enables the API Gateway to forward incoming API requests to the appropriate integration flows in OIC.

  4. Security and Policy Enforcement: Set up security policies, such as authentication and authorization, in Oracle API Gateway to ensure that only authorized users can access the APIs. API Gateway can also enforce other policies like rate limiting, message validation, and transformation.

  5. Monitoring and Analytics: Oracle API Gateway provides monitoring and analytics capabilities that allow you to track the usage and performance of your APIs.

  6. API Lifecycle Management: Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (APIPCS) offers comprehensive API lifecycle management capabilities, allowing you to manage different stages of your APIs, from design to retirement.

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