Oracle Integration Cloud Architecture Diagram


Oracle Integration Cloud Architecture Diagram

Here’s a high-level description of the components in an Oracle Integration Cloud architecture:

  1. Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC): This is the central cloud-based integration platform provided by Oracle. It enables you to connect various applications, services, and data sources in a unified and scalable manner.

  2. Connectors: OIC offers a wide range of pre-built connectors to connect with popular applications, databases, and services. These connectors facilitate seamless integration with various endpoints.

  3. Integration Flows: Integration flows represent the actual integration logic in OIC. These are graphical representations of the data transformation, routing, and processing steps required to achieve the desired integrations between connected systems.

  4. Adapters: OIC supports various adapters that help interface with different systems or protocols. Adapters allow you to integrate with on-premises applications, cloud applications, IoT devices, and more.

  5. API Management: OIC provides API management capabilities, allowing you to manage and expose APIs securely to external partners or developers. This feature enables you to control access, monitor usage, and apply policies to APIs.

  6. Process Automation: OIC allows you to design and automate business processes using the built-in process automation features. This enables you to create complex workflows and orchestrate interactions between multiple systems.

  7. Security and Identity Management: OIC includes robust security and identity management features to ensure data privacy and access control.

  8. Monitoring and Analytics: OIC provides monitoring and analytics capabilities to track the performance of integrations, detect issues, and gather insights into the integration flows.

  9. On-Premises Agent: If you need to integrate with on-premises systems or applications, you can deploy an on-premises agent provided by OIC. This agent securely communicates with the cloud platform, enabling integration between cloud and on-premises resources.

  10. Oracle Cloud Services: OIC can integrate with various Oracle cloud services, such as Oracle SaaS applications (e.g., Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud) and Oracle Database Cloud Service.

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