Oracle Integration Cloud Business Events


Oracle Integration Cloud Business Events

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a comprehensive, unified, and scalable cloud-based integration solution that allows enterprises to automate their business processes and build web and mobile applications. It includes various services like Process Automation, Integration, Visual Builder, and Analytics.

Business Events, a feature in Oracle Integration Cloud, allows organizations to produce or consume meaningful business occurrences. These events are usually significant changes in business condition or status, like the creation of a new order or completion of a financial transaction.

Let’s look into a more detailed explanation:

  1. Event-Driven Architecture (EDA): Business Events is a significant part of the Event-Driven Architecture (EDA). EDA is a design pattern that allows services to communicate asynchronously through events.

  2. Event Creation: Events can be produced from multiple sources like Database actions (new entry added), specific condition triggering, or an API call. These events are then published to a stream.

  3. Event Consumption: On the other side, there are consumers of these events. They are typically business processes or applications that listen to these streams, capture the events, and act upon them accordingly. They could execute a business process, trigger another event, or update an application state.

  4. Event Catalog: Business Events in Oracle Integration Cloud also includes an event catalog for managing events. The catalog allows you to create, view, and manage your business events, schemas, and channels.

  5. Decoupling: Using Business Events helps in decoupling of services. It allows each service to evolve, scale, and fail independently, leading to a more resilient system.

Oracle Integration Cloud with Business Events helps in creating a real-time, responsive, and decoupled system, enabling businesses to build more scalable and adaptable business processes and applications.

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