Oracle Integration Cloud Certification


Oracle Integration Cloud    Certification

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) certification is designed to recognize individuals who have developed a strong foundation and expertise in implementing Oracle’s Integration Cloud services. This certification is often pursued by IT professionals who wish to validate their skills and demonstrate their proficiency in Oracle Cloud integration solutions.

Steps to Oracle Integration Cloud Certification:

  1. Choose the Right Certification:
  2. Oracle may offer different levels or paths of certification for OIC, such as Associate, Professional, or Specialist. You will need to select the one that aligns with your experience level and career goals.
  3. Review the Exam Topics:
  4. Oracle provides a list of topics that will be covered in the certification exam. Review these topics thoroughly as they outline the knowledge areas you need to be proficient in.
  5. Prepare for the Exam:
    1. Oracle Learning Subscriptions: Oracle offers learning subscriptions that include a range of training materials, such as video tutorials, documentation, and practice exams.
    2. Oracle University Courses: Attend training courses offered by Oracle University, which may be available online, in-person, or in a virtual classroom setting.
    3. Hands-On Experience: Practical experience is crucial. Work on real-world projects or use the OIC trial version to build and test integrations.
    4. Study Guides and Books: Use study guides and books that are specifically tailored to the OIC certification exam.
  6. Register for the Exam:
    1. Exams are usually administered by third-party companies like Pearson VUE. You will need to create an account, select the appropriate exam, and schedule a time to take it.
    2. The exam can typically be taken at a testing center or as an online proctored exam from a remote location.
  7. Take the Exam:
    1. Ensure that you understand the rules and requirements of the exam, such as identification needed, arrival time, and the exam’s format.
    2. The exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions that must be completed within a set amount of time.
  8. Receive Your Certification:
    1. After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate from Oracle acknowledging your accomplishment.
    2. You may also receive a digital badge that can be used on professional networks like LinkedIn or your personal CV.

Maintaining Your Certification:

  • Stay Updated: Oracle continuously updates its software offerings, so staying informed about the latest updates and features of OIC is important.
  • Recertification: Depending on Oracle’s policy, you may need to take additional training or exams to maintain the validity of your certification.

Additional Tips:


  • Oracle Community: Engage with the Oracle community through forums, groups, and social networks to gain insights and tips from other professionals.
  • Oracle Support: Use Oracle’s support resources for any specific questions or issues you encounter during your preparation.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Training Demo Day 1

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