Oracle Integration Cloud Convert XML to JSON


Oracle Integration Cloud Convert XML to JSON

Here’s a general process for converting XML to JSON in Oracle Integration Cloud:

  1. Create an Integration:
    1. Log in to your Oracle Integration Cloud instance.
    2. Create a new integration or open an existing one where you need to perform the XML to JSON conversion.
  2. Add a Trigger or Source Connection:
    1. Depending on your integration scenario, you must add a trigger or source connection to receive the XML input. This could be an HTTP endpoint, a file-based source, or another appropriate trigger.
  3. Create a Mapping:
    1. In your integration, add a “Map” action. This action allows you to create a mapping between the XML source and the JSON target.
  4. Configure the Mapping:
    1. In the mapping configuration, specify the source and target data structures.
    2. The source structure will be the XML structure you want to convert.
    3. The target structure will be the JSON structure you want to generate.
  5. Map XML to JSON:
    1. Inside the mapping, use drag-and-drop functionality to map elements from the source (XML) to the corresponding elements in the target (JSON).
    2. Ensure that you map the XML elements correctly to the JSON structure.
  6. Save and Test:
    1. Save your mapping configuration.
    2. Test the mapping by running the integration with sample XML input to verify that it correctly converts XML to JSON.
  7. Deploy and Activate:
    1. Once you are satisfied with the mapping, deploy and activate your integration.
  8. Invoke the Integration:
    1. Trigger the integration by sending XML input to the configured trigger or source connection.
  9. Retrieve JSON Output:
    1. The integration will process the XML input and generate JSON output based on your mapping. You can then retrieve the JSON result for further processing or transmission.

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