Oracle Integration Cloud File Adapter


Oracle Integration Cloud File Adapter

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a platform offered by Oracle that enables users to integrate applications, services, and data across cloud and on-premises environments. One of the many adapters available in Oracle Integration Cloud is the File Adapter, which facilitates integration with files and file-based systems.

The File Adapter allows you to perform various operations on files, such as reading files from a directory, writing files to a directory, and deleting files. This adapter is particularly useful when you need to integrate with file-based systems and perform file-related tasks as part of your integration workflows.

Here are some key features and capabilities of the File Adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud:

  1. File Read: The File Adapter can be configured to read files from a specified directory. It can handle various file formats, including XML, CSV, text files, etc.

  2. File Write: You can use the File Adapter to write data to files and store them in a designated directory.

  3. File Polling: The adapter can continuously poll a directory for new files, enabling real-time or scheduled processing of incoming files.

  4. File Delete: You can use the adapter to delete files from the directory once they have been processed or as part of a cleanup process.

  5. Error Handling: The File Adapter provides options for handling errors that may occur during file processing.

  6. File Archiving: You can configure the adapter to archive files after processing, ensuring a backup of the processed files.

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