Oracle Integration Cloud Functions



Oracle Integration Cloud Functions

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) did not have a native service called “Oracle Integration Cloud Functions.” However, Oracle does offer a serverless computing service called “Oracle Functions” that you can use in conjunction with Oracle Integration Cloud.

Oracle Functions is a fully managed, serverless platform that allows you to deploy and run functions in response to events or HTTP requests without worrying about infrastructure management. You can write functions in popular programming languages like Node.js, Python, Java, and Go.

To integrate Oracle Functions with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), you can follow these general steps:

  1. Create a Function: First, create the function that you want to run in Oracle Functions. This function can be a simple piece of code that performs a specific task or process.

  2. Expose the Function: After creating the function, you need to expose it as an HTTP endpoint so that Oracle Integration Cloud can trigger it. Oracle Functions allows you to create HTTP triggers for your functions.

  3. Create an Integration: In Oracle Integration Cloud, create an integration that includes an “Invoke” action. This action should use the HTTP endpoint of the function you exposed in the previous step.

  4. Configure the Integration: Set up the integration to map data between your source application and the function’s input parameters. Also, configure the response handling as needed.

  5. Activate and Test: Once the integration is set up, you can activate it and test the integration to ensure that the function is being invoked correctly.

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