Oracle Integration Cloud Generation 3


Oracle Integration Cloud Generation 3

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Generation 3 is Oracle’s latest iteration of its Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. It aims to provide an enhanced experience with improved performance, better usability, and more robust functionality compared to previous generations.

Expected Enhancements in Generation 3:

  1. Improved Performance:
    1. Enhanced processing capabilities for high-volume transactions.
    2. Optimized orchestration for synchronous and asynchronous operations.
  2. Advanced Adapters:
    1. Increased number of pre-built adapters to connect with various SaaS and on-premises applications.
    2. More robust and configurable adapters that simplify integration processes.
  3. Enhanced Developer Experience:
    1. A more intuitive user interface that streamlines the design and deployment of integrations.
    2. Better mapping and transformation tools that leverage machine learning for recommendations.
  4. Greater Scalability:
    1. Auto-scaling capabilities to adjust resources based on the workload automatically.
    2. Containerization strategies, potentially integrating with Kubernetes for orchestration.
  5. Deeper Insights and Analytics:
    1. Advanced monitoring and analytics tools for better visibility into integration performance and health.
    2. Pre-built dashboards for operational insights and the ability to create custom reports.
  6. Comprehensive API Management:
    1. Integrated API lifecycle management from design to publication to deprecation.
    2. Enhanced security policies and governance for APIs.
  7. Broader Process Automation:
    1. More features for automating business processes and workflows within the same environment.
    2. Improved case management and decision modeling capabilities.
  8. Security and Compliance:
    1. Stronger security features with enhanced data encryption and more granular access controls.
    2. Compliance with the latest data protection regulations and standards.
  9. Better Version Management:
    1. Improved CI/CD pipelines for integration artifacts.
    • Easier management of integration versions and packages.

Migrating to Generation 3:

For organizations looking to migrate from earlier versions of OIC to Generation 3, Oracle would typically provide migration tools and guidance, including:

  • Documentation and Best Practices: Detailed guides on how to move integrations from previous versions to the new platform.
  • Migration Tools: Utilities and services to facilitate the transfer of integration artifacts.
  • Support and Training: Dedicated support and training materials to help teams get up to speed with the new generation’s capabilities.

Accessing Oracle Integration Cloud Generation 3:

To access Generation 3 of OIC, existing customers would follow a similar approach as they would with earlier versions, likely involving:

  • Oracle Cloud Console: Access via the OCI console to manage and monitor OIC instances.
  • Oracle Marketplace: Generation 3 might be available directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, depending on the deployment models Oracle offers.
  • Oracle Sales and Customer Representatives: Engagement with Oracle representatives for tailored access and migration planning for the new generation.



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