Oracle Integration Cloud IP Address



Oracle Integration Cloud IP Address

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a cloud-based integration platform that allows you to connect and automate business processes across different applications and systems. When working with OIC, you may need to be aware of the IP addresses associated with the service, particularly for network and security configurations. Here’s some information on Oracle Integration Cloud’s IP addresses:


  1. Dynamic IP Addresses: Oracle Integration Cloud, like many cloud services, uses dynamic IP addresses. This means that the IP addresses associated with OIC components may change over time as Oracle manages its infrastructure for performance, scalability, and maintenance.
  2. Service Endpoints: Instead of relying on specific IP addresses, it’s generally recommended to use service endpoints provided by Oracle for Oracle Integration Cloud. These service endpoints are DNS names that automatically resolve to the appropriate IP addresses. They ensure that your integrations and connections remain functional even when IP addresses change.
  3. Whitelisting: If your organization’s security policies require IP address whitelisting for outbound connections, Oracle provides a list of IP address ranges that may be used by various Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Integration Cloud. You can obtain these IP address ranges from Oracle’s official documentation or support resources.
  4. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): If you are working with Oracle Integration Cloud within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you can take advantage of OCI’s security lists and network security groups to control traffic to and from your OIC instances. You can define rules based on service tags and service names rather than specific IP addresses.
  5. Public and Private Endpoints: Oracle Integration Cloud offers both public and private endpoints. Public endpoints can be accessed over the internet, while private endpoints are used for communication within a virtual cloud network (VCN) in OCI.
  6. VPN and Direct Connect: If you need to establish secure connections between Oracle Integration Cloud and your on-premises data center, Oracle provides options like VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Direct Connect, which offer secure, private connectivity.
  7. Monitoring and Notifications: To stay informed about changes to Oracle Integration Cloud service endpoints or IP addresses, Oracle typically provides notifications through its official communication channels, such as documentation updates or service announcements.

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