Oracle Integration Cloud Licensing


Oracle Integration Cloud Licensing

Here are some key points related to Oracle Integration Cloud licensing:


  1. Subscription-Based Licensing: OIC is typically licensed on a subscription basis, where you pay a recurring fee based on your usage and the specific edition of OIC you choose.
  2. Editions: Oracle offers different editions of OIC, each with varying levels of features and capabilities. The most common editions include Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. The choice of edition impacts the price and the set of features available to you.
  3. Pricing Tiers: Pricing for OIC is often structured into different tiers based on usage metrics such as the number of integrations, the volume of data processed, and the number of connections to external systems. As your usage increases, you may move to higher pricing tiers.
  4. User-Based Licensing: In addition to the core integration features, OIC also offers features for designing and managing integrations. User-based licensing may be required for users who need access to these design and management features.
  5. Additional Modules: Oracle offers additional modules and services that can be integrated with OIC, such as Oracle Integration Insight, which provides advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities. These modules may have their own licensing costs.
  6. BYOL (Bring Your Own License): In some cases, if you already have certain Oracle licenses, you may be able to use those licenses to access specific components of OIC, reducing your overall licensing costs.
  7. Managed Services: Oracle also provides managed services, where Oracle takes care of the infrastructure and management of your OIC instances. The pricing for managed services is typically bundled with OIC usage.
  8. License Agreements: Oracle offers various licensing agreements, including Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs), which can provide flexibility and cost savings for organizations with extensive Oracle product deployments.
  9. Cloud Credits: Some organizations may purchase Oracle Cloud credits, which can be used to pay for OIC usage and other Oracle Cloud services.
  10. Consult Oracle Sales: To get detailed information about OIC licensing, including specific pricing and licensing options tailored to your organization’s needs, it’s best to consult with Oracle sales representatives or an Oracle partner. They can provide you with a customized licensing proposal based on your requirements and usage expectations.

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