Oracle Integration Cloud Technical Interview Questions


Oracle Integration Cloud Technical Interview Questions

Sure, here are some common technical interview questions that might be asked for a position involving Oracle Integration Cloud. 

  1. Can you explain what Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is, and how it is different from other cloud integration platforms?

  2. What are the main components of Oracle Integration Cloud? Can you describe their functions?

  3. Can you detail the process of creating an integration flow within OIC?

  4. What are Connection Adapters in OIC? Can you give examples of some commonly used ones?

  5. How would you handle error handling and monitoring in Oracle Integration Cloud?

  6. What is the role of the Process Cloud Service in OIC? Can you describe a scenario where you might use it?

  7. Can you explain the security mechanisms available in Oracle Integration Cloud? How would you ensure that data is secure during transmission between different systems?

  8. What are the limitations of Oracle Integration Cloud, and how would you work around them?

  9. How do you handle version control in OIC? What would be your approach to deploying a new version of an integration?

  10. Can you describe a real-world scenario where you have used OIC to solve a business problem? What were the challenges, and how did you overcome them?

  11. What are mappings in Oracle Integration Cloud, and how do you use them?

  12. Can you explain how orchestration works in OIC? How would you create a complex orchestration involving multiple steps and conditions?

  13. How would you optimize the performance of an integration in OIC? What factors would you consider?

  14. How do you test integrations in OIC? Can you describe the tools and methodologies you would use?

  15. Explain the concepts of synchronous and asynchronous integrations in OIC. When would you use each?

  16. Can you talk about the role of REST and SOAP APIs within OIC? How do you configure them, and what are some common use cases?

  17. What is Visual Builder in Oracle Integration Cloud, and how can it be utilized?

  18. Can you discuss some best practices for using Oracle Integration Cloud in a large-scale enterprise environment?

  19. How would you migrate integrations from a legacy system to Oracle Integration Cloud? What are the common challenges and how would you address them?

  20. How do you keep up with updates and new features in Oracle Integration Cloud? How do you ensure that the integrations continue to work with newer versions of the platform?

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