Oracle Integration Cloud Throw New Fault


Oracle Integration Cloud Throw New Fault

In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), you can use the “Throw New Fault” activity within an integration flow to generate and throw custom faults or exceptions when specific conditions are met. This allows you to handle errors or exceptional situations in your integration flows gracefully. Here’s how you can use the “Throw New Fault” activity:


  1. Open Your Integration Flow: Start by opening the Oracle Integration Cloud Console and navigating to the integration flow where you want to use the “Throw New Fault” activity.
  2. Add the “Throw New Fault” Activity: Within your integration flow design canvas, locate the point in the flow where you want to throw a custom fault. Drag and drop the “Throw New Fault” activity onto the canvas.
  3. Configure the “Throw New Fault” Activity:
    1. Double-click on the “Throw New Fault” activity to configure its properties.
    2. Provide a name and description for the activity to help you identify its purpose.
    3. Specify the fault name, which represents the custom fault you want to throw. You can create custom fault types in Oracle Integration Cloud.
    4. Define any fault data that you want to include with the custom fault. This data can be used to provide additional information about the error.
    5. Configure the conditions or criteria under which the fault should be thrown. You can use XPath expressions to evaluate conditions based on your integration’s requirements.
  4. Connect the “Throw New Fault” Activity: Connect the “Throw New Fault” activity to the appropriate branches of your integration flow. Typically, you would connect it to a decision point where you evaluate whether the custom fault should be thrown based on specific conditions.
  5. Handle the Fault: After you’ve thrown the custom fault, you should include error handling activities in your integration flow to catch and handle the fault. This might involve using “Catch Fault” activities to perform specific actions or to route the flow based on the fault type.
  6. Save and Activate the Integration: Once you’ve configured the “Throw New Fault” activity and handled the fault, save your integration flow and activate it to make it live.

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