Oracle Integration Cloud Vanity URL


Oracle Integration Cloud Vanity URL

  1. Set Up a Reverse Proxy or API Gateway:
    1. Deploy a reverse proxy or API gateway (e.g., Oracle API Gateway, Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, or a third-party solution) in front of your OIC instance.
  2. Configure Custom URL Rules:
    1. Within the reverse proxy or API gateway, configure custom URL rules or routing policies that map the custom vanity URL to the appropriate OIC service or integration endpoint.
  3. SSL and Security:
    1. Ensure that you configure SSL certificates and security settings appropriately to protect the data in transit.
  4. DNS Configuration:
    1. Update your DNS settings to point the custom vanity URL to the IP address or endpoint of the reverse proxy or API gateway.
  5. Testing and Monitoring:
    1. Test the custom URL to ensure that it correctly routes traffic to the desired OIC service, and monitor the setup for any issues or performance considerations.
  6. Documentation and Maintenance:
    1. Document the custom URL configuration for future reference, and be prepared to maintain it as needed, especially if your OIC integrations or services change.

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