Oracle SCM Cloud Using E-signatures And E-Records Guide


Oracle SCM Cloud Using E-signatures And E-Records Guide

Electronic signatures (e-signatures) and electronic records (e-records) are critical in modern supply chain management (SCM) systems. They offer a secure, efficient way to sign and record transactions, agreements, and other documents digitally. Oracle SCM Cloud likely supports these features, but the specifics of their implementation might vary. Here’s a generalized step-by-step guide:

1. Enable E-Signatures and E-Records: In Oracle Cloud applications, you’ll typically need to enable e-signature and e-record capabilities. This could be in the settings or configurations of your Oracle SCM Cloud application. Look for options related to electronic records, electronic signatures, or digital compliance.

2. Configure E-Signatures and E-Records: Once enabled, you’ll need to set up your e-signature and e-record preferences. This could involve:

  • Defining the types of transactions that require e-signatures.
  • Specifying the users or roles that have permission to sign electronically.
  • Setting up the e-record format and storage preferences.

3. Use E-Signatures and E-Records: With e-signatures and e-records enabled and configured, you can begin using them in your supply chain processes. This usually involves:

  • Completing a transaction that requires an e-signature. The system should prompt the appropriate user to sign electronically.
  • The system then generates an e-record for the transaction, including the e-signature. The e-record should be stored according to your configuration preferences.

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