OTBI Reports In Oracle Fusion SCM


OTBI Reports In Oracle Fusion SCM

OTBI, or Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, is a real-time, self-service reporting solution offered to all Oracle Fusion application users to create ad hoc reports and analyze them for daily decision-making. OTBI uses the Fusion Data Access and OBIA data model to provide a wide range of business intelligence reports.

In Oracle Fusion SCM (Supply Chain Management), these reports help businesses in their SCM-related decision-making process. For instance, they could provide insights into inventory management, order fulfillment, manufacturing efficiency, procurement, and more.

Here is a basic process on how you might create an OTBI report in Oracle Fusion SCM:

  1. Access the OTBI environment: Log in to your Oracle Fusion environment and navigate to the OTBI.

  2. Create a New Analysis: From the homepage of OTBI, select “New” > “Analysis.” This will take you to the ‘Select Subject Area’ screen.

  3. Select Subject Area: Here you can select the subject area that is related to the data you wish to analyze. For example, you might choose “Procurement and Spend – Procure to Pay Real Time” if you want to analyze procurement data.

  4. Select Columns: Once the subject area is selected, you can pick the columns which you need in your report. Drag and drop the required fields to the selected columns.

  5. Apply Filters: You can apply filters to your report to only include specific data. For instance, you may want to filter your procurement data based on a certain period.

  6. Sorting and Aggregation: You can set the sorting order of your data and also decide how to aggregate your data, if needed.

  7. Choose Visualization: Finally, you can choose how to visualize your report, such as in a table, bar chart, line graph, etc.

  8. Save and Run the Report: After the setup is complete, save your analysis and run the report.

Demo Day 1 Video:

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