Parameter 4019 In SAP GRC


Parameter 4019 In SAP GRC

Understanding Parameter 4019 in SAP GRC

SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (SAP GRC) is a robust suite of tools that helps organizations streamline their risk management, compliance initiatives, and access control processes – all while ensuring that these processes align with their overall business goals. Configuration parameters are essential to fine-tuning those GRC processes, and Parameter 4019 plays a significant role in managing business roles.

What is Parameter 4019?

Parameter 4019 is a configuration setting within SAP GRC Access Control specifically designed to help you synchronize business roles between your GRC system and connected target systems (often an SAP ERP system like ECC). Its primary function is to prevent inconsistencies and conflicts with role assignments when those roles flow between the systems.

Why Do You Need Parameter 4019?

Let’s imagine this scenario:

  • Your organization is using business roles in SAP GRC. These business roles are often composites of technical single roles.
  • Users have specific roles in their target systems (such as SAP ECC). Sometimes, these assignments are made outside of GRC – for instance, directly by an administrator in the target system.
  • A repository sync job runs to synchronize role data between GRC and the target systems.

Without Parameter 4019, the repository sync job might unintentionally overwrite role assignments made directly in the target system. This can break user access and cause confusion! Parameter 4019 addresses this issue.

How Does Parameter 4019 Work?

There are two possible settings for Parameter 4019:

  • YES: When set to “YES,” the repository sync job will ignore any roles assigned to users in the target system (outside of GRC) that are also contained within any business roles in GRC. This prevents the sync job from accidentally removing roles assigned independently of GRC.
  • NO: When set to “NO,” the repository sync job will operate without regard to Parameter 4019. All roles, whether direct assignments or contained within business roles are subject to potential updates from the GRC system.

Important Considerations

  • Careful Planning: Before implementing Parameter 4019, carefully analyze role management processes in your organization. Assess whether you have roles assigned directly in target systems outside GRC’s purview.
  • Alignment with Business Processes: Ensure the setting for Parameter 4019 complements your current business role management and assignment workflows. They are setting Parameter 4019 to “YES,” which could provide protection if roles are frequently assigned directly in target systems.

Where to Find Parameter 4019

You can locate Parameter 4019 within the SAP GRC configuration settings. Typically, it’s accessible through the SPRO transaction under the following path:

  • SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Governance, Risk and Compliance -> Access Control -> Maintain Configuration Settings

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