Person Management in Oracle Fusion HCM


Person Management in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, “Person Management” refers to the process of managing employee and worker information within the Human Capital Management (HCM) system. It encompasses various aspects of an individual’s employment lifecycle, including hiring, onboarding, personal data maintenance, job changes, compensation, performance, and offboarding. Here’s an overview of how person management works in Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Accessing Person Management:
    • Log in to your Oracle Fusion HCM application.
    • Navigate to the “Person Management” or “Person Gallery” work area.
  1. Viewing and Searching for Individuals:
    • The person management interface allows you to search for and view employee records using various criteria such as name, ID, department, and more.
  1. Creating a New Employee Record:
    • To add a new employee, click on the “Create Person” button.
    • Enter the individual’s personal information, contact details, and relevant employment data.
  1. Employee Onboarding:
    • Use person management to initiate the onboarding process for new hires.
    • Collect required documentation, complete personal information, and set up the initial employment details.
  1. Managing Personal Information:
    • Maintain and update personal details, such as contact information, emergency contacts, marital status, and other personal attributes.
  1. Assigning Jobs and Positions:
    • Assign employees to specific jobs, positions, and departments.
    • Update job-related information, such as titles, responsibilities, and work locations.
  1. Compensation Management:
    • Manage compensation details, including salary, bonuses, allowances, and other forms of compensation.
  1. Performance Management:
    • Track performance goals, evaluations, and feedback for employees.
    • Use this information to support performance reviews and development planning.
  1. Managing Employment Changes:
    • Use person management to process various employment changes, such as promotions, transfers, and terminations.
    • Ensure proper workflows and approvals for these changes.
  1. Documenting Work History:
    • Maintain a record of an employee’s work history, including positions held, job changes, and promotions.
  1. Offboarding and Terminations:
    • Use person management to manage the offboarding process for employees leaving the organization.
    • Complete exit interviews, update employment status, and handle final payroll and benefits.
  1. Personalization and Flexfields:
    • Some versions of Oracle Fusion HCM allow you to personalize the person management interface and capture additional data using flexfields.
  1. Managing Approvals and Workflows:
    • Configure approval workflows for various actions taken within person management to ensure proper authorization and compliance.

Remember that the specific features and steps might vary based on the version of Oracle Fusion HCM you’re using. Always refer to Oracle’s official documentation, training resources, or consult with your organization’s Oracle Fusion HCM administrator for specific guidance on managing person information within your instance.

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