Personnel Sub Area In SAP HR


Personnel Sub Area In SAP HR

Personnel Subareas in SAP HR: Understanding the Key to Organizational Structure

In SAP Human Resources (HR), Personnel Subareas play a crucial role in streamlining how an organization structures its workforce. They create logical subdivisions within a larger Personnel Area, ensuring that different employee groups with distinct working conditions, pay scales, and schedules can be managed effectively.

Let’s dive into understanding this concept:

What is a Personnel Subarea?

  • A Personnel Subarea is an organizational unit within SAP HR’s Personnel Administration module.
  • It subdivides a Personnel Area, a broader representation of a company or part of a company.
  • Personnel subareas allow for the fine-tuned management of employee groups who share similar characteristics, such as:
    • Pay scales and structures
    • Work schedules (e.g., regular office hours, shift workers)
    • Geographical locations
    • Job functions

Why Use Personnel Subareas?

  1. Specific Employee Grouping: Personnel subareas allow you to categorize employees based on shared attributes, ensuring you can administer them appropriately. For example, a manufacturing plant might have personnel subareas for office staff, production workers, and warehouse personnel.
  2. Tailored HR Processes: Each Personnel Subarea can have its wage types, work schedules, and rules. This enables customized HR administration, payroll, and time management processes to meet the exact requirements of different employee groups.
  3. Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: By segmenting employees into personnel subareas, you can generate targeted and insightful HR reports, providing a clearer view of workforce demographics, costs, and trends within specific divisions of your company.


Imagine a company with its headquarters and a manufacturing facility. You can create two Personnel Areas:

  • Personnel Area: HQ
  • Personnel Area: Manufacturing

Further, within the Manufacturing Personnel Area, you might define subareas:

  • Personnel Subarea: Production
  • Personnel Subarea: Shipping
  • Personnel Subarea: Maintenance

Configuring Personnel Subareas in SAP HR

An SAP HR functional consultant typically handles the configuration of Personnel Subareas. It involves these steps:

  1. Definition: Create the subarea and assign a unique code.
  2. Assignment: Link the subarea to the corresponding Personnel Area.
  3. Customization: Configure HR settings, wage types, and processes specific to that subarea

Key Points to Note

  • A four-digit alphanumeric code identifies personnel subareas.
  • Subareas must permanently be assigned to a parent Personnel Area.
  • Consider your company’s structure and HR processes carefully when defining personnel subareas.

In Conclusion

Personnel sub-areas are a powerful tool in the SAP HR toolkit, empowering businesses to tailor their human capital management for diverse employee groups. By understanding them, HR professionals and companies can enhance their processes for accurate workforce administration, streamlined payroll, and improved organizational reporting.

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