PO Number in Delivery SAP


PO Number in Delivery SAP

Tracking the Paper Trail: Finding the PO Number in Your SAP Delivery

In the complex world of SAP, managing deliveries and their corresponding purchase orders (POs) is crucial for smooth inventory control and financial tracking. But sometimes, you might need to trace a delivery back to its originating PO. Fear not, fellow SAP user, for this blog will guide you through finding the elusive PO number within your delivery document.

Understanding the Link

An inbound delivery, signifying the receipt of goods from a vendor, is intrinsically tied to the PO you created to initiate the purchase. SAP cleverly links these documents through critical fields.

Methods of the Madness

There are multiple ways to unearth the PO number associated with your delivery:

  • Transaction Codes: Utilize specific SAP transaction codes to navigate directly to the relevant information. Here are a few popular options:
    • VL04 (Display Delivery): Enter your delivery document number here. The PO number will be displayed on the header or item level.
    • VL10B (Change Delivery) is similar to VL04 but allows access for edits if needed (authorization required).
    • VL10D (Display Delivery Document Flow): Provides a more detailed view of the document flow, including the connected PO.
  • Tables: For the more data-savvy users, SAP offers tables that store document relationships. While not as user-friendly as transaction codes, they provide a wealth of information:
    • EKBE (Purchase Order History): This table holds historical data on POs, with a field indicating the delivery document (PO history category “L”).

Golden Rule: Reference Fields are Key

Regardless of the method you choose, remember that the PO number is typically found within the reference fields of the delivery document. These fields act as bridges between documents, allowing you to trace the connected PO.

Bonus Tip: Leverage Search Functions

Many SAP screens offer search functionalities. If you have some details about the delivery, like material or vendor information, you can leverage search bars to filter and locate the relevant delivery. Once you have the delivery document, finding the PO number becomes a breeze using the abovementioned methods.

By mastering these techniques, you’ll be well on your way to efficiently navigating the connection between deliveries and POs in your SAP system. Remember, a strong understanding of document flow is critical to unlocking the power of SAP’s data organization.

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