Power Automate Workday HCM


Power Automate Workday HCM

What is Workday HCM?

  • Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) is a cloud-based software suite for managing core HR functions including:
    • Payroll
    • Benefits administration
    • Time tracking
    • Talent management
    • Recruiting

What is Power Automate?

  • Power Automate is a service within Microsoft’s Power Platform that enables users to create automated workflows and tasks across various applications and services.
  • It features a low-code, visual interface for building workflows.

How Power Automate Works with Workday HCM

  • Workday Connector: Power Automate provides a dedicated Workday HCM connector that offers pre-built actions and triggers. This allows you to seamlessly interact with Workday data.
  • Triggers: Events in Workday can initiate Power Automate flows. Examples:
    • A new employee is hired.
    • A benefits enrollment period begins.
    • A time-off request is submitted
  • Actions: Power Automate can perform actions within Workday based on your workflows. Examples:
    • Create a new employee record.
    • Update payroll information.
    • Approve or reject time-off requests.

Common Automation Examples

  • Employee Onboarding: Automate the creation of new employee records in Workday, send welcome emails, set up IT accounts, and schedule onboarding tasks.
  • Benefits Enrollment: Notify employees of open enrollment periods, send reminders, and update Workday with employee selections.
  • Time-Off Management: Automate the time-off request process, including approvals, notifications, and updates to Workday calendars.
  • Payroll Updates: Trigger updates to Workday payroll based on changes in other systems or spreadsheets.
  • Compliance: Automate reporting and notifications related to compliance requirements.
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