Primary Goal of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Shared Security Model


Primary Goal of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Shared Security Model

The primary goal of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) shared security model is to ensure that cloud resources and data are protected and secure. This model is a shared responsibility between Oracle as the cloud service provider and the customers who use OCI. Here’s a breakdown of the key objectives:

  1. Physical Security: Oracle is responsible for securing the physical infrastructure, including data centers, networking equipment, and hardware. They implement strict access controls and monitoring to protect against physical threats.
  2. Network Security: Oracle manages the underlying network infrastructure, including firewalls and load balancers. They ensure network isolation and security at the infrastructure level.
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM): Customers are responsible for managing user access and permissions within their OCI tenancy. Oracle provides IAM tools to control who can access resources and what actions they can perform.
  4. Data Encryption: Both Oracle and customers share responsibility for data encryption. Oracle encrypts data at rest and in transit within the cloud infrastructure. Customers are responsible for encrypting their data before it’s uploaded to the cloud.
  5. Security Patching: Oracle is responsible for patching and securing the underlying cloud infrastructure. Customers are responsible for patching and securing their own operating systems and applications running on OCI.
  6. Security Monitoring and Logging: Both Oracle and customers have roles in security monitoring and logging. Oracle provides tools for monitoring the infrastructure, while customers should set up their own monitoring and logging for their applications and services.
  7. Compliance and Governance: Customers are responsible for ensuring their workloads comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Oracle provides compliance documentation and tools to help customers meet these requirements.

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