Reference Data Set in Oracle Fusion HCM


Reference Data Set in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, a “Reference Data Set” is a framework used to define and manage reference data values that are commonly used across the application. Reference data sets provide a consistent way to handle data that doesn’t frequently change but is used in various parts of the system. These data sets simplify data maintenance and ensure uniformity in data entry. Here’s an overview of reference data sets in Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Examples of Reference Data: Reference data sets encompass data values such as countries, regions, job grades, compensation bands, legal entities, departments, currencies, ethnicities, nationalities, and other standardized information that is used as a basis for configuration, reporting, and data analysis.
  2. Centralized Management: Reference data sets centralize the management of common data values, eliminating the need to duplicate these values across different modules and configurations.
  3. Standardization: By using reference data sets, organizations maintain standardized data values, ensuring consistent and accurate reporting and analysis.
  4. Ease of Configuration: When setting up different parts of Oracle Fusion HCM, such as workforce structures or compensation plans, you can use reference data sets to easily select and assign appropriate values.
  5. Support for Multiple Languages: Some reference data sets support multiple languages, allowing users to interact with the application in their preferred language while maintaining accurate data.
  6. Data Sharing: Reference data sets can be shared across different business units, departments, or other segments of the organization, ensuring that consistent data values are used.
  7. Changes and Updates: When a change needs to be made to a reference data value (e.g., adding a new job grade or modifying a department), you can update the reference data set, and the changes will reflect across the system where that data set is used.
  8. Security and Access: Security settings can be applied to reference data sets to control who can view, modify, or manage the data values.
  9. Integration and Reporting: Reference data sets are commonly used in integrations with other systems and in generating reports and analytics.
  10. Data Migration: During data migration or system implementation, reference data sets can be loaded or imported to ensure that the new system starts with accurate and standardized data.

To work with reference data sets in Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Access Setup: Log in to the Oracle Fusion HCM application with appropriate permissions to access setup and configuration.
  2. Navigate to Reference Data Sets: Navigate to the appropriate area in the application where reference data sets are managed. This could be within the workforce structures, compensation, or other relevant sections.
  3. Create or Manage Data: Depending on your needs, you can create new reference data sets, modify existing ones, or manage the data values within those sets.
  4. Apply in Configuration: When configuring different parts of the system, such as jobs, positions, or departments, you can use the reference data sets to select appropriate values.
  5. Save and Review: After making changes to reference data sets, save your changes and review how those changes affect other parts of the system where the data is used.
  6. Test and Validate: Before rolling out changes, it’s a good practice to test and validate how the changes impact various modules and configurations.

Reference data sets play a crucial role in maintaining data consistency, accuracy, and efficiency within Oracle Fusion HCM. They streamline configuration and ensure that standardized data values are used across the application

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