Reference Personnel Number In SAP HR


Reference Personnel Number In SAP HR

Understanding the Reference Personnel Number in SAP HR

Managing employee data with accuracy and efficiency is paramount in the intricate world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like SAP. One key element in achieving this is the concept of the Reference Personnel Number within the SAP HR (Human Resources) module. Let’s explore what it is, why it matters, and how to utilize it effectively.

What is a Reference Personnel Number?

Simply put, a Reference Personnel Number (RPN) in SAP HR establishes a link between multiple personnel numbers that belong to the same individual. Imagine scenarios where an employee:

  • Changes their legal name: Perhaps due to marriage or other personal reasons.
  • Has multiple employment contracts, Such as working concurrently in different subsidiaries of the same company.
  • Rejoins the company after a break: Starting a new employment period after they previously left.

The Reference Personnel Number ensures that the employee’s historical HR data, including payroll, benefits, and time records, remains connected and accessible regardless of separate personnel numbers assigned to them over time.

Where is it Stored?

SAP HR stores the Reference Personnel Number in Infotype 0031 (Reference Personnel Number). Additionally, you’ll find the information within the HRP1001 table, which manages relationships between objects within the HR module.

Benefits of Using the Reference Personnel Number

  • Consolidated HR Records: The RPN provides a unified view of an employee’s complete HR history, even if it spans multiple personnel numbers.
  • Accurate Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports that accurately reflect an employee’s employment journey, regardless of changes in their personnel number.
  • Streamlined Payroll and Benefits: It ensures that payroll, benefits, and other HR processes are linked to the correct employee data, even when multiple personnel numbers exist.
  • Compliance: Maintain adherence to reporting and compliance standards that require historical employee data to be accessible.

How to Use the Reference Personnel Number

  1. Maintain Infotype 0031: Utilize transaction code PA20 or PA30 to display Infotype 0031, where you can enter or update an employee’s Reference Personnel Number.
  2. Reference It in Actions: When performing HR actions like hiring, rehiring, or name changes, make sure to reference the existing Reference Personnel Number to maintain data continuity.
  3. Leverage in Reporting: Consider including or filtering by the Reference Personnel Number to ensure a holistic view of employee data when generating HR reports.

Key Points to Note

  • The Reference Personnel Number is a unique identifier that cannot be duplicated.
  • It is optional but highly recommended for maintaining comprehensive HR records.
  • SAP HR can automatically create an RPN if you configure the system accordingly.

In Conclusion

The Reference Personnel Number might seem like a small detail, but it significantly streamlines HR data management within SAP. By understanding its purpose, how to use it, and its benefits, you’ll equip yourself to optimize employee recordkeeping practices within your organization.

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