SAP HR Info Type 0008 Table


SAP HR Info Type 0008 Table

Understanding SAP HR Infotype 0008: The Heart of Basic Pay Data

In the SAP Human Resources (SAP HR) world, Infotypes act as the fundamental building blocks for storing organized employee data. Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) holds a critical position as it houses all essential information about an employee’s regular salary components.

What is Infotype 0008?

Infotype 0008 is a structural element within the SAP HR system designed to maintain an employee’s essential pay records. This includes:

  • Wage Types: Specific codes representing different components of basic pay (e.g., base salary, allowances).
  • Amounts: The monetary values associated with each wage type.
  • Currency: The currency in which the basic pay is defined.
  • Periods: The validity dates for each pay record.

Why is Infotype 0008 Important?

Infotype 0008 plays a pivotal role in several key HR processes:

  • Payroll Calculations: The data within Infotype 0008 serves as the foundation for accurate payroll calculations.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It provides insights into an employee’s salary trends, cost analysis, and budget forecasting.
  • Compliance: Infotype 0008 ensures compliance with legal regulations regarding minimum wages and pay structures.

Accessing Infotype 0008 Data

SAP provides multiple ways to interact with Infotype 0008:

    • Transaction Codes:PA20: Display existing Infotype 0008 records.
    • PA30: Maintain and modify Infotype 0008 records.
  • Table View (SE16N): The table “PA0008” stores the raw Infotype 0008 data.
  • SAP Reports: Standard and custom reports can extract specific information from Infotype 0008 for analysis.

Key Considerations

  • Historical Data: Infotype 0008 maintains chronological records of an employee’s basic pay, allowing you to track changes over time.
  • Retroactive Accounting: For legal reasons, you cannot directly delete Infotype 0008 records when an employee leaves. This is essential for potential retroactive payroll calculations.
  • Configuration: The wage types present in Infotype 0008 can be customized to align with an organization’s specific pay structure.

In Conclusion

The SAP HR Infotype 0008 is a central repository for managing employee basic pay. Understanding its structure, importance, and accessibility is vital for HR professionals working within the SAP ecosystem.

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