SAP HR Info Type 0315


SAP HR Info Type 0315

SAP HR Infotype 0315: Streamlining Time Data Defaults

In the intricate world of SAP Human Resources (HR) management, info types serve as the fundamental building blocks for storing and organizing employee data. One such crucial info type is Infotype 0315, specifically designed to streamline the process of entering time data within the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) module.

Critical Purposes of Infotype 0315

  1. Setting Default Values: The primary function of Infotype 0315 is to establish default values that are automatically populated when users enter their time data into CATS. These defaults can include:
    • Cost Center
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Element
    • Activity Type
    • Profile
  2. Efficiency Boost: By pre-populating standard fields, Infotype 0315 saves valuable time and reduces the potential for manual entry errors. This optimization directly translates into enhanced efficiency across time recording processes.
  3. Data Consistency: Using Infotype 0315 promotes standardization across time entries, ensuring that time data remains accurate, aligned, and easily reportable.

How Does Infotype 0315 Work?

The system draws default values from Infotype 0315 whenever an employee enters time data in CATS. Often, Infotype 0315 is integrated into an organization’s infogroups. Infogroups automate a series of HR actions and data entry; when you take your initial hiring action on an employee, the system can automatically create a record in Infotype 0315 with appropriate default values.

Configuration Considerations

  • CATS Profile: Proper configuration of your CATS profile is essential to ensure the seamless flow of default data from Infotype 0315. The CATS profile determines the fields automatically populated from the info type.
  • Data Maintenance: Regularly review and update your Infotype 0315 records. Changes in an employee’s role, cost center assignments, or project involvement may necessitate updates to their defaults.


Imagine an employee, Sarah, who primarily works on Project X for a specific cost center. By creating an Infotype 0315 record for Sarah and setting Project X and the correct cost center as defaults, those fields are pre-filled every time she enters time data in CATS. This saves Sarah time and helps ensure the accuracy of project time tracking.

In Conclusion

While a seemingly simple info type, SAP HR Infotype 0315 is vital in driving efficiency and accuracy within SAP’s time management processes. If your organization leverages CATS for time recording, take some time to understand and optimize how you are using Infotype 0315 – the returns in time saved and data quality are well worth the investment.

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