SAP HR Renewal 1.0


SAP HR Renewal 1.0

SAP HR Renewal 1.0: Revitalizing the HR User Experience

SAP HR Renewal 1.0 marked a significant step in modernizing the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. This add-on brought new features and an improved user experience (UX) to core HR processes to address longstanding usability concerns with traditional SAP HR interfaces. Let’s dive into what HR Renewal 1.0 is all about.

What is SAP HR Renewal 1.0?

SAP HR Renewal 1.0 is not a standalone product but an add-on for SAP ERP enhancement packages. It introduced a fresh layer on top of existing HR modules, primarily focused on:

  • Revamped User Interface: A more intuitive, web-based interface with role-based landing pages and a consumer-grade design.
  • HCM Processes and Forms: A simplified way to design and manage HR forms and processes with new Web Dynpro ABAP-based technology.
  • Lane-Based Navigation: A visually organized structure for accessing HR tasks and information based on user roles (e.g., HR Professional, Employee, Manager).

Key Features and Improvements

Here’s a closer look at some of the critical features that came with SAP HR Renewal 1.0:

  • Centralized Landing Pages: Users were greeted by role-specific landing pages. These portals consolidated relevant information, links, tasks, and analytics, making navigating easier.
  • Enhanced Self-Services: Employees and managers gained a more streamlined experience for updating personal data, requesting time off, and managing teams.
  • Improved Infotype Maintenance: Updating HR info types (data storage units) became more user-friendly through the revised web-based interface.
  • New Form Builder: HCM Processes and Forms provided more flexibility and ease of use than traditional Adobe Forms, making HR form design less cumbersome.

Benefits of SAP HR Renewal 1.0

  • Enhanced User Experience: The modernized interface and intuitive navigation significantly improved usability, leading to greater efficiency.
  • Increased Productivity: Faster access to information and streamlined processes saved valuable time for HR teams and employees.
  • Improved User Adoption: The simplified, consumer-like experience lowered the barrier of entry for users less familiar with traditional SAP interfaces.
  • Foundation for Future Innovation: HR Renewal laid the groundwork for continued enhancement of HR processes in subsequent releases and feature packs.

Prerequisites and Considerations

  • Compatibility: HR Renewal 1.0 is compatible with SAP ERP 6.0 enhancement packages (EHPs). Check the specific EHP requirements for your system.
  • Technical Setup: Activating specific business functions and implementing SAP notes are required.
  • Change Management: As with any new interface, ensure proper user training and support for a smooth transition.

HR Renewal’s Evolution

It’s important to note that HR Renewal has continued to evolve beyond version 1.0. Subsequent releases, like HR Renewal 2.0, have brought even more features, greater UI5 integration, and expanded capabilities.


SAP HR Renewal 1.0 was a significant milestone in SAP’s effort to modernize the HCM experience. The improved interface, usability enhancements, and focus on self-service set a strong foundation for future SAP’s HR technology advancements.

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