SAP HR Renewal


SAP HR Renewal

SAP HR Renewal: Modernizing Your Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) departments must become more agile and efficient in today’s dynamic business landscape. SAP HR Renewal is a powerful add-on for SAP’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It provides a streamlined user experience and enhanced functionalities and prepares your HR operations for the future.

What is SAP HR Renewal?

HR Renewal is not a wholesale replacement of your existing SAP HR system. Consider it a significant upgrade that delivers:

  • Improved User Experience (UX): Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interfaces based on SAP Fiori design principles enhance user adoption and productivity.
  • New Functionalities: HR Renewal introduces features in several HR areas, like streamlined payroll processes, better HR analytics, and self-service portals for employees and managers.
  • Technological Foundation: Designed for the latest SAP technologies, it lays the groundwork for future innovations and integrations.

Key Benefits of SAP HR Renewal

  1. Empowered Employees and Managers: Self-service portals allow employees and managers to manage their information, submit requests, and access HR data, reducing the administrative burden on HR.
  2. Optimized HR Processes: Streamlined workflows and automation improve core HR processes like payroll and time management efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Data-Driven HR: Enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide insights into workforce trends, enabling better decision-making.
  4. Future-Ready: HR Renewal’s technology platform aligns your HR systems with modern SAP landscapes, allowing you to embrace innovations quickly.

Key Features of SAP HR Renewal

  • Fiori-based User Interface: delivers a role-based, consumer-grade experience.
  • HR Landing Page: Provides a single access point for HR tasks and information.
  • Employee and Manager Self-Services: Empower users to handle essential HR functions independently.
  • Payroll Control Center: Simplifies payroll processes and provides greater oversight.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: Offer real-time insights into HR metrics.

Before You Start: Considerations for Implementation

  • Technical Assessment: Analyze your existing SAP landscape, infrastructure, and compatibility to determine the best approach for the upgrade.
  • Change Management: Plan for comprehensive training and communication to ensure smooth adoption by HR teams and end-users.
  • Integration: Consider how HR Renewal works with other SAP modules and non-SAP systems.
  • Customization: Evaluate existing customizations to determine whether they must be adapted for HR Renewal.
  • Deployment Options: Consider if HR Renewal will run on-premise or leverage a cloud-based solution.


SAP HR Renewal transforms the core of your HR operations. Streamlining processes, prioritizing the user experience, and enabling data-driven decisions help your HR department become a strategic partner for your organization’s growth. Careful planning and a thoughtful implementation strategy will ensure you reap the full benefits of this powerful upgrade.

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