SAP HR Table For Email Address


SAP HR Table For Email Address

Understanding SAP HR Tables for Employee Email Addresses

Managing employee data is a critical task in the world of SAP Human Resources (SAP HR). One essential piece of information is the employee’s email address. SAP HR stores email addresses within specific tables and info types. Let’s explore where to find this data and how it’s structured.

The Key Table: PA0105

The primary table for storing employee email addresses in SAP HR is the PA0105 table. This table is dedicated to ‘Communication’ info types. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Infotypes: Infotypes are logical structures for grouping related HR data. Think of them as categories of information.
  • Subtype: Within the PA0105 table, you must specify the subtype ‘0010’ to focus specifically on email addresses.

How to Find Email Addresses in PA0105

  1. Access the table: You can access the PA0105 table using SAP transaction codes like SE11 or SE16.
  2. Enter the employee number: Input the employee’s personnel number (PERNR) to filter the records.
  3. Specify subtype: Set the subtype (SUBTY) field to ‘0010’.
  4. Locate the email: The email address will usually be stored in either of these fields:
    • USRID_LONG: Often contains the full email address
    • USERID: Might store a shortened version or a username related to the email address

Important Considerations

  • System Configuration: Your SAP HR system’s configuration can influence how email addresses are stored. Some organizations customize fields or create additional tables.
  • Data Validity: Always ensure the email addresses in your SAP HR system are up-to-date and accurate.

Extracting Data

  • ABAP Programming: For large-scale data extractions or custom reports, ABAP programmers can develop code to query the PA0105 table.
  • Reporting Tools: SAP HR may offer built-in reporting functions or interfaces to extract data into other applications.

Beyond Email

The PA0105 info type isn’t just about email. You can also store information like:

  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Social media links

Let’s Wrap Up

The ability to locate employee email addresses in SAP HR is essential for various HR processes, including:

  • Company-wide communications
  • HR notifications and updates
  • System login credentials

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