SAP PP Codes


SAP PP Codes

Conquering Production with SAP PP Codes: Your Handy Guide

The Production Planning (PP) module in SAP is the heart of manufacturing. It streamlines everything from creating bills of materials to managing shop floor processes. But navigating this vast system can be daunting, especially with its many cryptic transaction codes (T-codes).

Fear not, fellow production warriors! This blog is your one-stop guide to conquering SAP PP with the most commonly used T-codes.

Master Data Management:

  • MM01/MM02: Create/Change Material Master – This is where you define the finished products, raw materials, and semi-finished goods you manufacture.
  • CS01: Create a Bill of Materials (BOM) – Define the components and their quantities required to produce your finished product.
  • CA01: Create Work Center – Set up the resources where your production magic happens (think machining stations or assembly lines).

Planning and Scheduling:

  • MD61: Create a Planned Independent Requirement (PIR)—Forecast demand for your finished products independent of any dependent requirements.
  • MD04: Display Stock/Requirements List—This function Provides a real-time snapshot of your inventory levels and upcoming material needs.
  • MD01/MD02: MRP Run – The magic happens here! This T-code triggers Material Requirements Planning, automatically generating planned orders based on your PIRs and BOMs.

Production Execution:

  • CO01: Create Production Order – Convert your planned orders into actionable ones, specifying what, how much, and when to produce.
  • CO41: Create Production Order (Variant) – Need a production order with a twist? Use this T-code to create variants based on existing ones.
  • CO11N/CO12: Time Ticket Entry – Track production progress by recording labor hours and machine usage.
  • CO15: Confirmation Entry – The moment of truth! Confirm completion of production orders and update inventory levels.

Additional Power Tools:

  • C003: Display Production Order – Need a quick peek at a specific order’s details? This T-code is your window.
  • COOKIES: Production Order Information System – Dive deep into the world of production orders with comprehensive reports and analysis tools.
  • MF49: Post Goods Issue – Record the issuing of materials from your warehouse to the production floor.
  • MIGO: Goods Receipt – Confirm the receipt of finished products in your inventory.

This is just a taste of the powerful T-codes in SAP PP. You’ll discover many functionalities to fine-tune your production processes and achieve manufacturing excellence as you explore further. Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with these T-codes to become a production planning pro in a training environment.

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