SAP PP PS Integration


SAP PP PS Integration

Streamlining Project Production with SAP PP and PS Integration

In complex projects, especially those with a significant manufacturing component, ensuring seamless coordination between project planning and production execution is crucial. This is where SAP’s powerful duo, Production Planning (PP) and Project Systems (PS), come together through integration.

What are SAP PP and PS?

  • SAP PP is the core module for managing all aspects of production. It handles master data (Bills of Material, work centers), demand planning, capacity planning, and manufacturing execution (production orders, scheduling, goods movement).
  • SAP PS provides a structured framework for managing projects from initiation to completion. It focuses on project structuring (Work Breakdown Structures), network planning, resource allocation, cost control, and progress monitoring.

The Power of Integration

Integrating PP and PS unlocks a new level of efficiency for project-driven manufacturing. Here’s how:

  • Production Orders with Project Links: Create production orders directly linked to project elements in the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). This ensures that project-specific materials are planned and produced on time.
  • Material Management: Project requirements can trigger Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in PP, automatically generating planned orders for components needed for production. This eliminates manual intervention and ensures timely material availability.
  • Resource Sharing: Both modules can share resources like work centers and personnel, enabling optimized capacity planning that considers project and regular production needs.
  • Cost Control and Visibility: Integration allows real-time tracking of project production costs. This provides valuable insights for project managers and improves cost control.

Benefits of Integrated Production and Project Management

  • Improved Project Delivery: Streamlined production processes ensure project deadlines are met, and resources are efficiently utilized.
  • Enhanced Cost Control: Real-time cost visibility helps proactively identify and address potential cost overruns.
  • Increased Collaboration: Improved communication and data flow between project teams and production departments.
  • Reduced Errors: Automated processes minimize manual errors and ensure data consistency across modules.


By integrating SAP PP and PS, organizations can achieve a powerful synergy between project planning and production execution. This translates to improved project delivery, better cost control, and a more efficient manufacturing process.

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