SAP PP Routing


SAP PP Routing

Demystifying SAP PP Routing: The Backbone of Your Production Process

In SAP Production Planning (PP), routings are critical in defining the blueprint for your manufacturing magic. But what exactly is routing, and how does it impact your production process? This blog dives into SAP PP Routing, explaining its purpose, functionalities, and how it streamlines your operations.

What is an SAP PP Routing?

Think of an SAP PP Routing as a detailed recipe for your manufactured goods. It outlines the step-by-step sequence of operations required to transform raw materials into finished products. Each operation specifies the work center (think machinery or department) responsible for the task, the tools and resources necessary, and the estimated time for completion.

Why are Routings Important?

Routings are the backbone of various production processes in SAP PP. Here’s how they contribute to a smooth-running manufacturing environment:

  • Production Planning and Scheduling: Routings provide valuable data for production planning tools. They help estimate lead times, identify resource bottlenecks, and schedule production activities efficiently.
  • Costing: Routings play a vital role in calculating production costs. Specifying labor and machine times helps determine the price of each operation, ultimately contributing to the overall product cost.
  • Material Management: Routings establish a product’s bill of materials (BOM). They specify the components required at each production stage, facilitating efficient material procurement and inventory management.

Creating and Maintaining Routings in SAP PP

SAP offers various functionalities for creating and managing routings. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Transaction Codes: You can use CA01 or CA02 to create and modify routings.
  • Routing Types: SAP offers different routing types, such as standard routings for regular production and unique routings for handling rework or scrap.
  • Graphical vs. Tabular Mode: You can define the sequence of operations in either a graphical or tabular format, whichever best suits your needs.

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