SAP PP Syllabus


SAP PP Syllabus

Dive into Production Planning with an SAP PP Syllabus

SAP Production Planning (PP) is a core module for businesses that manufacture products. It streamlines and integrates various production processes, giving you better control and visibility. If you’re considering learning SAP PP, a well-defined syllabus is your roadmap to success. This blog will outline the key topics in an SAP PP syllabus.

Grasping the SAP Ecosystem (ERP, Core Processes)

  • Introduction to ERP: Understand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and their role in business management.
  • Introduction to SAP: Familiarize yourself with the SAP interface, navigation, and core functionalities.
  • Organizational Structure in SAP ERP: Understand how SAP structures an organization for efficient data management.

Understanding the Production Lifecycle (Plan to Produce)

  • SAP Implementation Methodology: Learn about the different approaches to implementing SAP in your organization.
  • Plan to Procure Process: Explore how SAP handles procurement activities to ensure you have the materials needed for production.
  • Plan to Production Process: Learn how SAP plans and manages the production process, from creating production orders to scheduling tasks.
  • Financial Implications of Procurement, Production, and Sales: Learn how SAP tracks costs associated with procurement, production, and sales activities.

Mastering Production Data (Basic Data for Production)

  • Organizational data related to production planning and manufacturing: This section will cover creating master data like bills of materials (BOMs), work centers, and routing information, which are crucial for production planning.

Additional Topics (Depending on Course Depth):

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Learn how MRP ensures you have the suitable materials at the right time for production.
  • Repetitive Manufacturing and Kanban Systems: Explore how SAP supports different manufacturing processes like repetitive manufacturing and just-in-time (JIT) production with Kanban.
  • Production Order Functionality: Master the creation, execution, and monitoring of production orders within SAP.
  • Integration with Other SAP Modules: Discover how SAP PP interacts with other modules, such as Materials Management (MM) and Sales & Distribution (SD), for a holistic view of your operations.

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