SAP PP User Exits


SAP PP User Exits

Unlocking Flexibility in Production: A Guide to SAP PP User Exits

SAP Production Planning (PP) offers robust functionalities for managing your manufacturing processes. But what if you need to tailor these functionalities to your specific needs? This is where SAP PP User Exits come in.

What are User Exits?

User exits are designated spots in the SAP code where you can insert a custom ABAP code. This allows you to modify the standard behavior of SAP PP to fit your unique production requirements. Consider them hooks for attaching your logic without altering the core SAP software.

Why Use User Exits?

Here are some reasons why PP User Exits are valuable:

  • Extend Functionality: Add features not available in standard SAP. For instance, integrate with a custom quality control system during confirmation.
  • Validation and Control: Enforce specific rules on data entry. Imagine a user exit that checks for sufficient raw materials before releasing a production order.
  • Data Manipulation: Modify or enhance data processing. A user exit could calculate a custom cost component during production order creation.

Everyday PP User Exits:

Numerous user exits are available in PP, each catering to a specific scenario. Here are some of the most frequently used ones:

  • Production Order User Exits: These exits are triggered during various stages of a production order’s lifecycle, such as saving, releasing, or confirmation.
  • Material Master User Exits allow you to customize material behavior within production processes.
  • Work order User Exits: Modify how shop floor activities are managed and reported.

Finding and Implementing User Exits:

  • Transaction Codes: Use SMOD or CMOD to explore the available user exits within a specific module.
  • Documentation: Refer to SAP documentation for detailed descriptions and activation instructions for each user exit.
  • ABAP Expertise: Developing adequate user exits requires a strong understanding of ABAP programming. Consider collaborating with an ABAP developer to ensure proper implementation.


  • User exits can be powerful tools, but they should be used judiciously. Excessive use can make your system complex and difficult to maintain.
  • Thorough testing is crucial to ensure your user exits function as intended and doesn’t introduce unintended side effects.

By effectively leveraging SAP PP User Exits, you can unlock a new level of flexibility and tailor your production processes to meet your specific needs.

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