SAP PP User Manual


SAP PP User Manual

Conquering Production with an SAP PP User Manual by Your Side

The world of SAP Production Planning (PP) can initially seem complex. But fear not, fellow production warriors! An SAP PP user manual is your key to unlocking the power of this essential module.

What can you expect to find in a user manual?

  • Module Breakdown: A good user manual will provide a comprehensive overview of SAP PP, explaining its core functions like:
    • Material Master Setup: Learn how to define and configure crucial materials for production.
    • Bill of Materials (BOM): Understand how to create and manage BOMs, which outline the components needed for each finished product.
    • Production Planning: Explore functionalities for creating plans that ensure you have the suitable materials at the right time.
    • Production Orders: Discover how to generate orders detailing each finished good’s production process.
    • Shop Floor Control: Get insights into monitoring and tracking production activities on the shop floor.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: The manual should act as your instruction guide, providing detailed procedures for everyday tasks within SAP PP. This can include:
    • I am creating planned independent requirements (PIRs) to forecast demand.
    • I am running Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to generate production plans.
    • It is converting planned orders into production orders that kickstart manufacturing.
    • We are monitoring production progress and reporting on completion.
  • Transaction Code Reference: To navigate through SAP PP, familiarize yourself with the essential transaction codes. The user manual should provide a cheat sheet to quickly access frequently used functions.
  • Screenshots and Visual Aids: Clear visuals can significantly enhance your understanding. Look for a user manual incorporating screenshots and diagrams to illustrate key concepts and functionalities.

Beyond the Basics

While a user manual equips you with the fundamentals, remember that SAP PP offers a rich feature set. As you gain experience, delve deeper into functionalities like:

  • Variant Configuration: Explore managing product variants within a single production process.
  • Discrete vs. Repetitive Manufacturing: Learn how to tailor SAP PP to different production environments.
  • Capacity Planning: Discover tools to optimize resource allocation and ensure smooth production flow.

Finding the Right User Manual

There are several options to consider:

  • Official SAP Documentation: SAP provides comprehensive documentation, although it can be technical.
  • Third-Party User Manuals: Search online for user manuals created by SAP consultants or training providers. These may offer a more user-friendly approach.
  • Company-Specific Manuals: Your company might have customized user manuals tailored to your PP implementation.


An SAP PP user manual is invaluable for your production planning journey. With its guidance, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this powerful SAP module and taking control of your production processes.

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