Navigating Your Company’s Structure with SAP PPOSE

Understanding organizational structures is crucial for those working within the SAP ecosystem. This is where SAP PPOSE comes in. PURPOSE, short for Plan Positions and Employees, is a transaction code key to visualizing and navigating your company’s hierarchical framework.

What can you do with PPOSE?

  • Explore the Organizational Chart: PPOSE allows you to see the various departments, teams, and positions within your company, all neatly organized in a tree-like structure. You can drill down from higher-level units to see sub-units and individual employees assigned to them.
  • View Employee Details: PPOSE provides basic employee information for each position within the structure. Depending on your system configuration, this can include names, IDs, and even some role-specific details.
  • Print or Export Data: PPOSE allows you to generate reports or export data on the organizational structure. This can be useful for creating org charts, understanding reporting lines, or performing workforce analyses.

Who uses PPOSE?

PPOSE is a valuable tool for various roles within an organization:

  • HR Professionals: HR personnel can use PPOSE to manage and maintain the organizational structure, ensuring proper employee placement and clear reporting lines.
  • Department Managers: Department managers can utilize PPOSE to understand their position within the larger company structure, see who they report to, and visualize their team members.
  • New Employees: PPOSE can be a helpful resource for new employees to understand the overall company structure and identify key contacts within different departments.

Getting Started with PPOSE

Using PPOSE is pretty straightforward. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Access the SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  2. In the command field, type “PPOSE” and press enter.
  3. The PPOSE screen will display. You can navigate the organizational structure using the tree view on the left side.
  4. Clicking on a specific organizational unit or position will reveal more details in the right-hand section.

Beyond the Basics

PPOSE offers functionalities beyond just browsing the structure. You can expand and collapse nodes, search for specific positions or employees, and export data in various formats. For a more in-depth exploration of PPOSE’s features, it’s recommended to consult SAP’s official documentation or resources available on the SAP Community forums.


SAP PPOSE is a powerful tool for understanding your company’s structure and navigating the hierarchy. Whether you’re an HR professional, a manager, or a new employee, PPOSE can provide valuable insights into the organization’s framework. So, the next time you need to understand your place within the company or find a specific department, remember to leverage the capabilities of SAP PPOSE.

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