Select the Pricing Metric for Oracle Integration Cloud


Select the Pricing Metric for Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) typically offers pricing based on a subscription model, and the pricing metric can vary based on your specific needs and usage. Oracle often provides flexible pricing options to accommodate different types of users and organizations. Some of the common pricing metrics for Oracle Integration Cloud include:


  1. Number of Messages or Transactions:
    1. This metric is based on the total number of messages or transactions processed by OIC within a specific billing period. Messages can include requests and responses in integrations and APIs.
  2. Number of Connections:
    1. Some pricing models are based on the number of connections established with external systems, applications, or endpoints. The more connections you require, the higher the pricing.
  3. Compute Resources (CPU and Memory):
    1. Pricing can also be based on the amount of compute resources (CPU and memory) allocated to run integration flows. You pay based on the computing power you use.
  4. Number of Users:
    1. In some cases, pricing may be based on the number of users who access and use Oracle Integration Cloud. Each user’s level of access and permissions can affect the pricing.
  5. Features and Editions:
    1. Oracle often offers different editions of OIC with varying sets of features and capabilities. The pricing can be based on the edition you choose, with higher editions offering more advanced features.
  6. Data Volume:
    1. Pricing may also be based on the amount of data transferred or stored within OIC. This metric is relevant for organizations with large data integration needs.
  7. Message Throughput or Rate Limiting:
    1. Some pricing models include message throughput limits or rate limiting. If you exceed these limits, additional charges may apply.
  8. Concurrent Connections:
    1. Pricing may consider the number of concurrent connections or sessions established during integration operations.
  9. Customized Pricing:
    1. For large enterprises or organizations with unique requirements, Oracle may offer customized pricing models tailored to specific needs.

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