Standard Reports in Oracle Fusion HCM


Standard Reports in Oracle Fusion HCM

Oracle Fusion HCM offers a wide range of standard reports that cover various aspects of human capital management. These reports are designed to provide insights into different HR processes and help organizations make informed decisions. Some common categories of standard reports in Oracle Fusion HCM include:

  1. Workforce and Headcount Reports: These reports provide information about your organization’s workforce, including headcount, demographics, and other workforce analytics.
  2. Payroll Reports: These reports cover payroll-related information, such as earnings, deductions, taxes, and payroll summaries.
  3. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Reports: These reports focus on recruitment activities, including job requisitions, candidate pipelines, and recruitment metrics.
  4. Performance and Talent Management Reports: These reports offer insights into employee performance, goal progress, talent reviews, and development plans.
  5. Learning and Development Reports: These reports provide information about training and learning activities, including training completion, certifications, and learning effectiveness.
  6. Benefits and Compensation Reports: These reports cover employee benefits enrollment, compensation history, and benefits-related analytics.
  7. Time and Attendance Reports: These reports offer details about employee attendance, leave balances, and time tracking.
  8. Succession Planning Reports: These reports help organizations identify potential successors for key positions and assess their readiness.
  9. Employee Self-Service Reports: These reports give employees access to their own personal information, such as pay stubs, tax forms, and benefits statements.
  10. Compliance and Regulatory Reports: These reports assist with compliance-related requirements, such as Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting.

To access these standard reports in Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting Center: Log in to your Oracle Fusion HCM account and navigate to the reporting center or reporting dashboard.
  2. Select the Desired Report Category: Choose the category that aligns with the type of information you’re looking for (e.g., workforce, payroll, recruitment).
  3. Choose the Specific Report: Within the chosen category, you’ll find a list of available standard reports. Select the report that best matches your needs.
  4. Configure Parameters: Depending on the report, you might need to configure parameters such as date ranges, departments, or specific criteria.
  5. Generate and Review: Once you’ve configured the report parameters, generate the report and review the results. You can often view, export, or schedule the report for future use.

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