Successfactors 2H 2022


Successfactors 2H 2022

SAP SuccessFactors 2H 2022 Release: Key Highlights and What’s New

The second half of 2022 brought a substantial release to the SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) suite. This release introduced enhancements across various modules, strengthening SuccessFactors as a comprehensive solution for all your HR needs. Let’s dive into some of the most significant changes and updates.

Employee Central

  • More Alternative Cost Centers: SuccessFactors has expanded support for Alternative Cost Centers, allowing you to assign up to 30 (from the previous 12) to an employee for more granular cost tracking.
  • Global Assignments Improvements: Enhancements in Global Assignments streamline the management of international assignments, providing better support for complex cross-border HR processes.
  • Contingent Workforce Visibility: New features provide greater visibility into your contingent workforce, aiding in effective management and collaboration.


  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Updates within the Recruiting module focus on improving the candidate journey, such as more streamlined application processes and better communication tools.
  • Interview Scheduling Advancements: Scheduling interviews has become easier with refined options for interviewers and candidates, making the process more efficient.

Performance and Goals

  • Continuous Performance Management Enhancements: SuccessFactors continues to bolster its Continuous Performance Management features, offering tools to facilitate more frequent feedback and coaching.
  • Goals Alignment: Updates allow for better alignment between individual goals and broader company objectives, fostering a clearer sense of purpose for employees.

Succession and Development

  • Enhanced Succession Planning: New capabilities in succession planning help organizations better identify and develop internal talent pools for critical roles.
  • Career Development Focus: Updates support personalized career development paths and help employees explore internal growth opportunities.

Beyond the Core: Exciting New Features

  • Dynamic Teams: The Dynamic Teams functionality is a game-changer. It empowers the creation of agile teams based on skills and project requirements, promoting greater collaboration and project success.
  • Opportunity Marketplace: This feature connects employees with internal opportunities, like short-term projects and mentorship programs, fostering growth and skill development.
  • Business AI Integration: AI-powered enhancements are woven throughout the SuccessFactors suite, including an AI copilot (“Joule”) to aid employees with HR tasks and support for generating AI-enhanced job descriptions and interview questions.

Embrace the Change

The 2H 2022 release demonstrates SAP SuccessFactors’ commitment to continuous innovation in the HXM space. Exploring and implementing these new features can further elevate your organization’s HR processes, empower your teams, and drive business success.

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