Successfactors Competency Management


Successfactors Competency Management

SuccessFactors Competency Management: A Key to Unlocking Employee Potential

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations need employees who possess the right skills and abilities to achieve strategic goals. This means moving beyond traditional methods of performance management to a focus on individual competencies. SAP SuccessFactors Competency Management offers a powerful framework to do just that.

What are Competencies?

In straightforward terms, competencies are the observable skills, knowledge, and behaviors employees need to perform their jobs effectively. A well-defined competency model helps organizations clearly identify the qualities they value in employees and those most needed for success in different roles.

Why SuccessFactors Competency Management?

SuccessFactors Competency Management brings numerous benefits to organizations:

  • Aligning Individual Goals with Company Goals: By linking job roles and positions to specific competencies, organizations can align an employee’s development with the company’s broader objectives.
  • Improved Hiring and Recruitment: Defining the ideal set of competencies for a position helps attract the right talent and guides the onboarding process.
  • Enhanced Performance Monitoring: Competencies provide a clear framework to assess employee development, providing objective indicators for performance reviews.
  • Targeted Learning and Development: Identify skill gaps with competency assessments, allowing for the creation of tailored learning plans to improve employee performance and fill those gaps.
  • Succession Planning: Build a talent pipeline for future leadership needs by developing competencies crucial for higher-level roles.

Key Features of SuccessFactors Competency Management

  • Robust Competency Libraries: SuccessFactors provides access to extensive competency libraries, including the standard SuccessFactors Competency Library. Organizations can also build custom libraries to address industry or job-specific requirements.
  • Integration with Other Modules: Seamless integration with other SuccessFactors modules, such as Performance Management, Career Development Planning, and Succession Management, ensures that competencies consistently underpin HR processes.
  • Assessment and Development Tools: The module offers tools to assess employees’ current proficiency levels against defined competency scales, along with the ability to design development plans to guide future growth.

Getting Started with SuccessFactors Competency Management

  1. Create Your Competency Model: Start with a standard competency library or build one relevant to your organization. Clearly define desired behaviors within each competency.
  2. Map Competencies to Job Roles: Match the necessary competencies to every job role in your organization.
  3. Integrate competency management into HR Processes: Integrate competency management with recruiting, performance reviews, career development, and succession planning.
  4. Regular Review and Updates: Maintain an updated model that reflects evolving organizational needs. Continuous assessment ensures your competencies align with future goals.


SuccessFactors Competency Management is a powerful tool to help organizations align talent with strategic objectives. By defining and developing competencies, organizations improve decision-making in key HR processes, foster growth, and build a workforce equipped for the future.

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