Successfactors Enable Now


Successfactors Enable Now

Title: Supercharge User Adoption and Performance with SuccessFactors Enable Now


In the world of complex enterprise software, user adoption and efficient training can be significant challenges. Users can get lost in a maze of features, documentation can be overwhelming, and traditional training methods are often ineffective in the long run. SAP SuccessFactors Enable Now transforms the way you provide training and support to your workforce.

What is SuccessFactors Enable Now?

SuccessFactors Enable Now is a powerful knowledge management and performance support platform designed to help employees learn and use software applications seamlessly. Its core features include:

  • In-application guidance: Provides contextual help directly within the software interface, offering step-by-step instructions, simulations, and walkthroughs.
  • E-learning development: Enables the creating of engaging, interactive training content in various formats, including videos, simulations, and documents.
  • Knowledge management: Provides a centralized repository to store, organize, and access all training and support resources.

Critical Benefits of SuccessFactors Enable Now

  • Enhanced User Adoption: Intuitive in-application guidance empowers users to learn while they work, leading to faster software adoption and reduced frustration.
  • Increased Productivity: Access to just-in-time support and training within the workflow significantly improves user efficiency and minimizes downtime.
  • Reduced Support Costs: On-demand help and learning resources decrease the burden on help desks and IT support teams.
  • Improved Software ROI: Enable Now helps you achieve a greater return on your SuccessFactors investment by maximizing the usage and understanding of your software.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The platform can quickly grow with your organization and adapt to software updates and new applications.

Use Cases for SuccessFactors Enable Now

  • New System Rollouts: Accelerate onboarding and adoption during SuccessFactors or other critical business software implementation.
  • Software Updates: Guide users through new features and changes, minimizing disruption.
  • Ongoing Performance Support: Provide continuous performance support for complex processes and tasks.
  • Standardized Training: Create consistent and structured training programs across your organization.
  • Compliance Documentation: Develop and deliver compliance-related training and support materials.

Getting Started with SuccessFactors Enable Now

If you’re ready to revolutionize your training and support strategies, here’s how to get started with SuccessFactors Enable Now:

  1. Assess your Needs: Identify the areas where users struggle the most and the type of support that would be most beneficial.
  2. Develop a Content Strategy: Outline the training materials, simulations, and in-application help you plan to create.
  3. Leverage Authoring Tools: Explore the various tools offered within Enable Now to create engaging content.
  4. Rollout and Adoption: Strategically introduce Enable Now to your workforce, promoting its benefits and providing guidance.
  5. Measure Results: Track important metrics, such as support ticket reduction, user satisfaction, and faster task completion, to demonstrate the value of Enable Now.


SuccessFactors Enable Now is a game-changer, empowering organizations to elevate how they deliver training and support. Enable Now fosters software proficiency and significantly enhances the user experience across your SuccessFactors applications by bridging the gap between learning and working.

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