Successfactors LMS Integration


Successfactors LMS Integration

SuccessFactors LMS Integration: A Comprehensive Guide

SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful tool for organizations looking to streamline their training and development processes. One of the key advantages of the platform is its ability to integrate with various other systems. This integration capability offers many benefits for organizations.

Types of Integrations

Here are some common types of integrations with SuccessFactors LMS:

  • HR Systems: Connecting your LMS with your HRIS (Human Resources Information System) ensures the smooth flow of employee data. This synchronizes onboarding, role changes, promotions, and other lifecycle events with relevant training assignments within the LMS.
  • Content Providers: Integrating with content providers, such as LinkedIn Learning or Skillsoft, directly brings a wealth of external courses into your SuccessFactors LMS catalog. This expands your learning library and offers your employees more excellent choices.
  • Talent Management Systems: LMS integration with talent management suites creates a holistic employee development environment. Performance reviews, goal setting, and succession planning can inform customized training plans.
  • CRM Systems: When the LMS integrates with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales training can become highly targeted. The LMS will deliver courses that enhance product knowledge, improve sales techniques, and address skills gaps specific to the sales team.

Integration Methods

Several methods exist to achieve integration with SuccessFactors LMS:

  • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces): APIs offer a standardized way for systems to communicate and exchange data, ensuring seamless real-time updates.
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) establishes a secure connection to transfer large amounts of data between systems. It is often used for batch updates of employee information or content synchronization.
  • Webhooks: Webhooks facilitate real-time notifications between systems, triggering actions in the LMS based on events in other platforms.
  • Custom Connectors: Custom connectors can be developed for unique systems or integration requirements.

Benefits of SuccessFactors LMS Integration

SuccessFactors LMS integration brings considerable gains to your organization:

  • Centralized Learning: A single point of access to all training materials, internal and external, enhances user experience.
  • Automated Enrollment and Data Transfer: Eliminating manual processes saves time, reduces errors, and syncs the systems.
  • Personalized Development Plans: Integrating talent management systems facilitates targeted training supporting individual growth plans.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Combined data from various systems offers richer analytics, driving better learning and development decisions.
  • Increased Efficiency: Optimizing processes translates to higher learner satisfaction and a measurable impact on business outcomes.

Implementing Successful Integrations

Here are a few tips for ensuring your integration projects run smoothly:

  1. Thorough Planning: Define your needs and map the data flow between the LMS and other systems.
  2. Choose the Right Partners: When engaging with API or content providers, ensure they have a proven SuccessFactors LMS integration track record.
  3. Testing: Rigorously test the integrations in a staging environment before going live.
  4. Ongoing Maintenance: Monitor the integrations and update them as needed in response to changes in either system.


By strategically integrating your SuccessFactors LMS with other critical systems, you unlock many possibilities for streamlining your organization’s learning and development. This approach increases efficiency, personalizes the learning experience, and delivers powerful business outcomes.

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